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The Context

 Barengasse Museum, Zurich 

August 8 - September 6, 2014



Romancing the Context is very much like any exhibition: a fan, in love with the world that art affords us. In an attempt to make sense of the “context” this exhibition proposes a narrative that has a beginning but no end. From the slow formation of cultural stalactites and stalagmites to the implication of attempting to answer “what is the context” and “how the context as such be shown?” It will feature discerning works from Habib Asal (1974), Tim Wandelt (1982) and Karina Kurzmeyer (1987) that will contemplate on the different perspectives on approaching and defining ideas in terms of how it can be fully understood. At the risk of over-explaining something self-evident, this exhibition proposes that for us to define the context - the context should be redistributed and shared. The exhibition therefore will offer 3 distinctions of how to approach the ever elusive definition of the “context.” It will do so in three fragmented but related sections of A.) The Melancholic Context. B.) The Futuristic Context and C.) The Traumatised Context 

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