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Chalton Gallery, London

March 3 - April 4, 2017



Every moment, we are in an unconscious exchange with the botanical world; an equilibrium found in breath and photosynthesis.

BOTANOPHILIA is an experimental restorative space for the plants in our lives. The experience imagines a gathering of those that know their plants, and those that have a desire to understand them, with a common purpose to connect and nurture new growth through ceremonial acts and knowledge sharing.

Attending public are invited to bring one plant from their home into the forested gallery for the duration of the exhibition. Over the course of the show a series of programmed interactions; spoken and body-based invocations, sound and light offerings, will charge the space. These gestures and relational interventions will serve to amplify the elements of growth; air, sunlight, water, nutrients.

Ecological consciousness is cultivated through our everyday silent conversations with greenery. Through our interactions we are reminded that plants are inextricable from that which makes us human, and to understand (plant) life one must accept passing and rebirth alike.

Botanophilia is a collective celebration, a moment of (plant) self-care, and a gentle revolution towards environmental mindfulness


Artists:  Inda Peralortega , Etienne Joseph , Munesu Mukombe , Felipe Arturo

Curated by: John Kenneth Paranada , Kefiloe Siwisa

Produced by:  Robert Grey

In Partnersip with: Indoor Garden Designs 

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